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What Is Wrong With This World?

What Is Wrong With This World?

Everything that is going wrong in this world, comes down to one thing, SEPERATION. Deeming and seeing people as minorities and different to what we are.



What gives anyone the right to make a certain group of people feel that they do not belong or do not have the same rights as everybody else? How dare we! How dare anyone not treat anyone with the same respect that they believe they or someone they love deserves!

Because we are all human, animal, plant, ocean, I don’t give a f*ck what form we take. EVERYTHING here belongs and needs to be held up to it’s highest form.


You take one person down and everything topples with it.


We need EVERYONE to be living in their highest form of who they came here to BE. And people cannot do that when they have to worry about having the same rights as another being. It should be a fact that everyone has the same rights on this planet. We are ONE WORLD. Refugees, gays, colored, religious bigotry, when is this going to stop?

We need to raise up and refuse any judgement on any of our brothers and sisters. They are our family. They are One with ALL. Everywhere there is upheaval, and why? Because of the way we SEPERATE humanity and judge others as though they do not feel, love or hurt like we do. When will we stop?

IF YOU HAVE JUDGEMENT ON ANYBODY , you need to look further in. Because I feel that having to put anybody through anything other than FULL ACCEPTANCE will be brought forward to face you in your life. Not by a mean GOD.

This is the problem… GOD IS FULL BLOWN LOVE. We are taught that God judges certain people, nothing can be further from the Truth. You are fully and completely Loved.

But we live in a world that has Universal Laws that automatically show us who we are being. And if you SEPERATE AND HATE AND JUDGE, those energies will come back to you.

And as a consciousness we will see them play out in our lives. They are the energies and forces that we then dismiss as THE WEATHER!

Choose LOVE. 
Choose Acceptance and Oneness and LOVE.



It is Done! In One, In All, In Love.

+++++++ Where are YOU here to LEAD others? What area do you feel passionate about? What do you Love? What do you feel needs to change and what is your message that YOU cannot leave this planet without sharing? ++++ Share Below: What one thing would you share with the world or an individual you love that you believe would make such a difference to this planet.

“If we only knew ……………………………”  Your voice matters! You have wisdom within. Begin with one sentence, what would you share? ++++++

Maria xx