The very people that hurt you are the very people that will teach you the most about yourself.
How long have you been holding on to things that no longer serve you?
It can be a relationship, a j.o.b., or even the choices that you made a thousand years ago and still do them now. 
They no longer serve you!

And still we hold on.
Why? What for?
Because we are scared. So scared of what that space without them could mean.
Space to think, to grow, and most of all create the person that we are meant to BE.

We love to know. So we stay with what we call comfortable.
Really? How is that comfortable?

-Your relationship is over, you know it to be true.

-The zipper of your jeans are biting your rolls right now.

-And the career you thought was what you wanted all those years ago now bores you beyond words!

What we deem comfortable
is so friggin uncomfortable to what living a true life is,
that it totally does not make sense to stay there one minute more.

But we do.

We do because we lack the knowing that there is something that we could make great.
Sometimes it takes something to shake you to choose the change.
And if it came to that,
you would totally change in a minute and create what it is you want.

But we sit and wait for it to get so f*kn uncomfortable until we make our move.

I’m not saying let it all go.
I’m saying begin moving towards what you really do want.
Start making choices that tell the Universe this is where I am going,
and so much will begin to fall into place,
that then you will come to a point where there are so many things
that feel good to you,
that what you thought was comfortable ,
is now so ridiculously uncomfortable
that you just got to let that shit go!

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.
Maria xx

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