There is such alignment here in the moment if you know how to move through this world. It’s about CREATION.

It’s about growing and knowing that there is an expansion within you ready to burst out.
You know this.
You are this.

Every time you make a choice you need to ask yourself if this is what you higher self wants for you.

That highter version of you, what does it want right now, and then go do that.

So, today I decided and signed papers to sell my home.

This is my highest calling right now. To make this be a done deal!

So the me that cringes when she hears the word ‘solicitor/finance etc.) just cringes and thinks of a thousand things to do rather than walk into that office (aka procrastination!) …
(also this would be what I would say to my man {problem: dont have one right now} “here you do it!” Or I’d give him the controls.

Every part of me just wants to run past the solicitor’s office. (Today, I actually have to walk past to get to my car) The Universe knows me, and is always perfect! Puts it right into my line of getaway 🙂

But then, I ask myself, what the Higher Version of me wants to do?
And She, She walks into that office!
It’s actually what She wants!!
I feel Her.
My chest expands, and I breathe deep into my stomach.
I stand and feel confident.
My whole VIBE is now Her.

(I feel like I need to name her.)
She’s awesome.
She’s courageous, but light, it’s all easy for Her.
Because she follows Her Light.
Follows Her expansion.
Wants connection.
Knows Herself.
Gains knowledge and shares it.
She creates.
Is masterful.
And lives and breathes her worth.
She feels expansive.

She needs EXPANSION.

When I choke her with littleness, she contracts and that’s what makes me feel bad.

When we are not lit up.
When we do not move towards what we say we want.
That’s what makes us feel bad.

That’s what harms us.
It is our very own limitting beliefs, that cannot allow us to move and expand. We become stuck.

I choose to expand,
again, and again,
and again.
Forever more.

What’s your Higher Self wanting of you?
What’s the story that she is wanting you to live into?
Get clear on that.

Journal on that.
And then move the fuck towards it.
Like RUN!

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.