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Society is no longer at the realm of one leader. We have all become leaders!

Society is no longer at the realm of one leader. We have all become leaders!


These letters are for humanity to rise beyond anything we’ve seen before. Together we rise. Forever we rise. We choose to rise up beyond what we see with our eyes. We choose to create Abundance, Love and Light.
It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.

Just the way that we dissolve anything, (from solids to liquids to all different forms), in the same way it is possible to dissolve fear into Love. 

The fear that I speak of, is actually the harm of our nations. They fear people and countries that they have been led to believe must be destroyed for our future to be of Peace.
That is the most ridiculous statement or idea that has ever been placed on this earth.

Firstly, there are 2 ways to live. One is with fear, and the other is that everything is working out in the way that it should. Not that there is nothing that we are here to Be and do. That’s not true.

There is ALWAYS something that we can do to be of highest service. But what IS TRUE is that there is only 2 ways to see this and the way most of the world is seeing it is through fear. That rules our mind, and now that leaks into everything we do.

Fear is a disease that is being spread through the masses. Don’t dismay, because it can have a huge effect if we begin to just shift even a very few to that of Love, instead of fear.

Never before is there so much hope for our world. 
Why? Because you are all Awakening. Awakening to the Truth that there is a power so much Greater than you have ever, ever seen before.There will never be such stupidity without the uproar from a mass of people.

People that once cruised through life are now Awakening and speaking out. People are creating movements and becoming passionate about how they want their world to Be. How they want the world to feel. And how they want more than what they are being told right now.

Society is no longer at the realm of one leader. We have all become leaders. We are all the voice that we need. 
That’s why although you don’t see it. It’s perfect that one that cannot lead a world out of harm, is actually perfect for NOW!

Perfect because it makes YOU RISE UP.


IDEAS begin to run through you as to how things could change.As to how things could be better! YOU are being fed those ideas. Those ideas are being downloaded to you. Just as this message is a download from Me to You. You too, receive ideas day in, day out.

Are you open to receive them? Have you made space to receive them? By keeping busy with so many, many things. You are not being open to those ideas.

These ideas are You. They come to you at each and every moment, and are especially there when you ASK.  ASK AND YOU WILL RECEIVE.  It’s that simple.  ASK AND IT WILL COME.

BE ALL that You were Created to BE.  The Answers are there waiting on you. Your Answers are what we need in this world.

It’s a message, an action, it’s of the Highest Service to this world.

Was President Trump led to hold that position? Well let’s see?

Everything is a juxtaposition of what we are really wanting in this world.
So as soon as you have a desire it will juxtapose and create the opposite for you to create and live in. Be firm in your choices. Be firm in that YOU WANT PEACE.

BE FIRM in what you DESIRE or the outcome will be that we are living in another form of creation. 

Choose for the Highest Good of All.
Choose for the Oneness that you are.

It is Done.

In One, In All, In Love.


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A Spark Of What It Means To BE Alive Today

A Spark Of What It Means To BE Alive Today

Message 1 from The Divine:

What’s coming through today is a spark.

A spark of what it means to be alive in this day and age.

Bring everything to the here and now. Move through life without having doubt. Because I’m with you. I Am You!

There’s never been a better time to know this.

You Are Greatness.
You Are Magnificent.

There is nothing lacking, nothing to fear.
You have a choice and you can go big.

Big as in, have a bigger life than what you are living right now.

Big as accepting that you are so much more than just the person you see in the mirror.

That shell, is you, but it is not YOU.
YOU the one that I Created, will never be swayed by the thoughts of another.
YOU the one that I Created, is the other.
YOU the one that I Created, can never been thrown off it’s path.

Because I Am there to Guide You, to See what you do not see right now. Trust in Me. You Are One with Me. One with All.

There is such a magnificence that happens when I think of you.
Such a Greatness that now astounds others, because they have not tapped into that Power, and that Life.

You are One with everything. Life is yours to create it as you will.

You can choose to stop everything that you are doing right now. And all will be well. Because there is a higher path awaiting you right now. There is a path that is so brilliant, it cannot be consumed by the mundane. It is more than life, it is a Purpose.

You have been given life to live out your purpose. You do not need to fear, you need to listen, to learn, to decide that life is what You decide it will be.

“I am willing and able to receive it all.”
“I am willing and able to Be all.”
“I am everything that I came here to Be.”
“I am One with All.”

Repeat these statements again and again.
I will listen! I am listening and knowing that you are ready to be released from the turmoil and drudgery that you may be living right now.

There is no need to wait any longer.
I Am The One.

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.

PS – These letters are for humanity to rise beyond anything we’ve seen before. Together we rise. Forever we rise. We choose to rise up beyond what we see with our eyes. We choose to create Abundance, Love and Light.
It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.

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10 Ways Donald Trump Can Save This World. You’ve Got This Don!

10 Ways Donald Trump Can Save This World. You’ve Got This Don!

You’ve got this Donald!  Here’s a few thoughts for you:

1. Show up with compassion. Care about people Donald, like real people, like humanity. Show some respect to individuals that are doing it hard. Care more for human beings than actual business.

2. Create solidarity around peace. Creating peace is more than just wanting it. It’s actually being a part of it. It’s moving in that direction in everything that you choose and do. Be an example of what is possible Don.

3. Wing it. I know that stuff doesn’t come easy to you. I get that. But what if you ‘act as if’. “Act as if you already were loved”, “act as if the world could be better and decide from there”, “act as if you were the one that could save this beautiful planet” and we’ll believe you!! Because all we need right now is a glimmer of hope in the right direction. You’ve got this Don! 🙂

4. Think of people beyond your walls. There is more to humanity that you are missing right now. We all have life, we all feel and bleed. Because we are born in different lands does not make us extra terrestrials, it makes us part of our human race. This family is created from Love and deep within we are all connected. What we do to one, harms the whole. Think about that Donald, and be kind 🙂

5. Know your insecurities and do not make decisions from them. What is running your life? In fact, what is running ours? Is it your fear that someone is after you? That someone is better than you? That you need to control everything just because you want to control? What are the insecurities that are running this world? Let’s take a look at them and not choose from them, but heal them and choose from Love. Yes that may seem funny to you. I hear your “Oh, please!”, but try it. Hope is a beautiful thing when people are living in fear. You can change that Donald 🙂

6. Tell someone, a group of people, that you do believe that they are good and would love their ideas and communities to be celebrated in your country. People show up in the strangest ways when we berate them. But raise them, and they’ll shock you at how much they can offer you. See more for them, and they will also be more. Belief in someone, a group of people, will raise this community to believe in themselves, and act accordingly. People don’t thrive through shame. There’s enough for all of us to be happy Donald, you’ve got this!

7. Know who you are. First and foremost, you are human Donald 🙂  If we don’t get that right, it’s very hard to be the best human in a Leadership position. Leaders thrive and lead. They empower and create movements of fear or hope and prosperity for all. What is your choice? What choices do you make in your day to day life? Did you have a handle on life? You see, the way we do one thing is how we do everything. I wonder how you treated your wife, and the people in your life? Did you see people? I mean really see the people behind your powerful walls? I wonder why one man needs to so heavily hide behind those Trump doors? Don, let’s move outside the walls, there’s beauty in the eyes of people that you pass. There’s so much beauty behind your gold castles in the sky.

8. Create with a vision for good. Everything we think and do is at cause, and the effect is whatever we have chosen to create with. What effect are you leaving on this world, this country, this planet? What effect are you going to be known for? Donald, you can be more! Choose the effect you want to create in this world, and BE that. You got this Donald. You got this 🙂

9. Envision the greatest version of our planet. What if you created out of pure belief that there is a vision on your life to be defined by Greatness. Greatness is not about you Donald 🙂 Greatness is defined by the impact you make to others. The impact that you create in this world. You are already powerful. You no longer have to prove that. You have proved your power. Be bigger than that Donald. Prove that you are Good. You’ve got this Donald. I know you do 🙂

10. Move through this world like you matter. You matter so much Donald. You matter to us, our families, our communities, our nationalities, and our world. The very planet we live on is calling on you. The people are calling on you. We want a leader that loves, that cares, that wants expansion through hope and ideas. You are in one of the greatest positions that this planet has ever seen. You are our leader. Not just in the USA but worldwide you affect all of us. I believe in you Donald. I believe that you can do good. I believe that life puts us in places where we can show up at our Greatness.

We believe in you. Believe in us too Donald. Believe that we will hold you to the highest intention for our world, for peace and for all humanity to thrive and love and become One.

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.

Peace Donald
We Are One.

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Maria xx

Moving Into Alignment Like Now!

Moving Into Alignment Like Now!

There is such alignment here in the moment if you know how to move through this world. It’s about CREATION.

It’s about growing and knowing that there is an expansion within you ready to burst out.
You know this.
You are this.

Every time you make a choice you need to ask yourself if this is what you higher self wants for you.

That highter version of you, what does it want right now, and then go do that.

So, today I decided and signed papers to sell my home.

This is my highest calling right now. To make this be a done deal!

So the me that cringes when she hears the word ‘solicitor/finance etc.) just cringes and thinks of a thousand things to do rather than walk into that office (aka procrastination!) …
(also this would be what I would say to my man {problem: dont have one right now} “here you do it!” Or I’d give him the controls.

Every part of me just wants to run past the solicitor’s office. (Today, I actually have to walk past to get to my car) The Universe knows me, and is always perfect! Puts it right into my line of getaway 🙂

But then, I ask myself, what the Higher Version of me wants to do?
And She, She walks into that office!
It’s actually what She wants!!
I feel Her.
My chest expands, and I breathe deep into my stomach.
I stand and feel confident.
My whole VIBE is now Her.

(I feel like I need to name her.)
She’s awesome.
She’s courageous, but light, it’s all easy for Her.
Because she follows Her Light.
Follows Her expansion.
Wants connection.
Knows Herself.
Gains knowledge and shares it.
She creates.
Is masterful.
And lives and breathes her worth.
She feels expansive.

She needs EXPANSION.

When I choke her with littleness, she contracts and that’s what makes me feel bad.

When we are not lit up.
When we do not move towards what we say we want.
That’s what makes us feel bad.

That’s what harms us.
It is our very own limitting beliefs, that cannot allow us to move and expand. We become stuck.

I choose to expand,
again, and again,
and again.
Forever more.

What’s your Higher Self wanting of you?
What’s the story that she is wanting you to live into?
Get clear on that.

Journal on that.
And then move the fuck towards it.
Like RUN!

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.