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Conscious Universe

Conscious Universe


How The Universe Responds To Our Minds.

Maria Portas,  Visionary.

04 May 2017

Here is how our Universe relates to each and every one of us:

Your thought process begins. You think of a thought. You experience over 65,000 thoughts a day and as you know many are the same as the ones you have experienced up to now. Most thoughts sit in a lull tone. But then there are those that spike and create emotions around it and the more emotion the more thoughts that are of similar nature are then attracted to that main thought and we continue to build up on that.

We have 2 directions that we can travel in and that is Love or fear. You get to choose. But most of you do not know your power, so we just allow our brains to continue as they are and to dwell in the thoughts that have appeared. These thoughts can also consciously be placed by you, to create consciously into this world. You are a Creator, you are not at the effect . You are at CAUSE. Every situation has been manifested with your allowance if you see it or not. Somewhere within, you have created it all.

What happens is the thought produces 2 different scenarios, it juxtaposes what you truly desire and then you can see which manifestation you will be creating in. YOU have that power. The universe is just using your creations to expand itself and to replay the very thoughts that you have brought about. Now once you have thought the thought and the emotion has begun to display the manifestation, even if not in the physical, you will begin to see the signs of it becoming true. The more you live into that desire the faster and more  physical it will become. Anything against it will keep if from being within your space. Your desires must be focussed within your heart, your mind and your actions. Everything must tell the Universe what it is you want. Then the Universe will deliver.

“We are creators of reality living in a conscious universe that responds to our minds.”  ~Deepak Chopra & Menas Kafatos.

Now, the thoughts are portrayed into the Universe, each and every one of them. The ones with the most emotions are then magnified towards you. You don’t need to manifest everything, that is always and forever happening, but you do need to focus on what you truly desire and see it as yours. As already yours. What are the fears that are coming up?

Deal with them or you keep it all away. It’s already there. The image of what you desire is there in form, only you can keep it away.

The world would be nothing without you. Each and every one of you are constantly creating. You are creating machines, and you just don’t know it. You create everything that you see.

So within this world we have the protons and the electrons and they will vibe and form any picture that you believe to be true right now. Your energy is a huge expression of this form. Everything that you do, be and see is energy. You are moving and all the electrons are showing up to create what it is that you are reaching for. You are creating and everything is moving with you to be in that alignment for you. You are the being that can create it all.

This film is a projector that you place your thoughts on. So the house ‘you think’ you live in is on a daily projection of what you have thought all the time and then you see it and you live into it more and more. The physical solidifies more and more.

So are you saying I can change my house just by changing my thoughts?

You can dream up whatever it is you want. These are part of the 60000 thoughts that are running you day in, day out. Beat those thoughts with the ones that will actually attract what it is you want and you are there. There is no manifestation that cannot come about if you move, think and act it out. See it all. See the abundance and the creation must be there too.

It is Done.

In One, In All, In Love.





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