Q. The American USA Election is coming up and it is Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. What do you believe the outcome will be and  how have we come to accept the ludicrous things that are happening?

A. First of all, let’s get clear about where this election is heading. There are 2 heads of state and they are both revelling in the idea to become “The President of the United States”. This is just a story that is playing out in the media and you all seem to accept it as Truth.

The only truth is that you are all being misled. More than you care to believe right now.

To justify themselves, there is a show put on called the debate and you all are shocked (well some of you anyway) and feel threatened about the way this man called Trump is stating the most indecent ways of running the country.

Then we have Mrs Clinton, the lovely Clinton who admonishes that she has never, ever forgiven anyone for doing anything bad to another country, and yet she has been seen lamenting each and every one.

The funny thing about all this is that you are shocked at the hurtful things that this man is saying about women, immigrants and jobs.

Everything he says has and is already absolutely been happening anyway, but we prefer to be lied to.

This man is reflecting exactly what has been going on, he thinks there is something new that he is doing, well it may be physical ideas that he would like to portray, but those walls have been up, seen or not seen, they have always been there. The treatment towards women, seen as an item; the media and social economic industries have been doing it for years!

Trump is just revealing it in the physical. We are the ones that have put up with it.

We are the ones that are shocked when he says those things, because now we can hear it. We can no longer pretend it does not exist. All of a sudden it bothers a whole lot of beings.

But this IS happening. This IS already being played out.

And for you to not realise this is exactly why Clinton has been given this opposition. Whatever she does, it looks alright now.

It is Done.

In One, In All, In Love.