So Consciousness is the expression of the One, being accessed to live your life. Being unconscious is living as though all that exists is here in the now. So you only see the physical or live through your 5 senses.

Being Conscious is allowing the Soul to live and breathe through you. To know that you are connected to everything that you will for your life.

There is much confusion about how people can get to that state of Consciousness where everything is revealed, and that is that people seem to think that you have to have that to survive. You don’t only need it to survive, you actually are it.  You are that in infinite supply, flowing through the stream of consciousness into a body. But when you are dense, as in this 3rd dimension, you no longer know of what it is that you are here to express because you are just living from what you are seeing.

Your unconscious mind is actually reflecting what you have thought, and you believe that to be true. The only Truth is that you are the Consciousness that many are seeking to find.


So it’s not about finding it. It’s about letting go of the grip of the illusion and allowing more than you see to come through you. You already are it.

So how do you do that?

You begin to first acknowledge that you are not your body, you are not your mind, you’re a Spiritual Being in this realm, having a physical experience. This realm, the 3rd dimension is here to access a certain way of being that you chose to access and participate in. It is there to experience the opposite of complete and utter love, which is what We are.

Consciousness is complete utter Love and Light. The fabrication of this earth was created to give an experience of the contrast that you can only experience here on Earth. What if we just were everywhere, as though we just created the same of us? Then we are complete and total Love.

The 3rd dimension has a gaseous effect that stops the physical from being seen or even touched by the Spiritual beings. So the effects that you see around you are all yours, no one else has meddled with your life. But in the same way the Spiritual is definitely kept out of sight of any physical being so that they can only see what they perceive.

It is a Cause and Effect environment that you live in, and each decision that you make is then justified and juxtaposed to provide a new reality within the very one that you are living right now.  Juxtaposing(contrasting) this place of desire within your very realm is how Creation begins to expand and grow. Otherwise you all seem to regurgitate the very ideas that flow from day to day, from experience to experience. It is the greatest way to effect the planet that you now live on.

What happens is that you move into a new way of living and being in this form, and slowly the unravelling begins. Where you begin to search for so much more than what you believe that you came in with.

But it’s all there, it’s already within you. You just need to reveal it and allow the ‘brain washing’ that you have been given to totally disappear from your being as such, so that you can begin to Create with the knowledge that You are One. That You Are the ONE.

And when that happens you will Create more from your Awareness than what you see at this time.

Remember what you see is your past awareness. Paste what it is you want into your Creation. See it all as new. See it all with Love. See what it is that you wish to bring forth. And that You will.

It is Done.

In One, In All, In Love.



So justifying is you make that real, and juxtaposing is creating the very opposite to also be real. It’s a natural Cause and effect reality.

It is Done.   In One, In All, In Love.