Money, Manifestation & God – Lesson 1

Money, Manifestation & God – Lesson 1


The Law of Attraction creates and delivers whatever it is that you are directing your thoughts to. You focus on something in your world and from there you create more of what it is you are seeing. You create from what you already see.

This is not the highest point of creation. For what you are seeing is determining the outcome. It is not that, that you must create. You must create from a place of all that you desire, and then create.

Your circumstances should not dictate your life. But you see this develop and then you talk about it and make it real and determine the outcome, as ugly as it may be. You just imagine the worst and then you fear and focus on that.

Or you try to do your best to avoid that outcome, but either way you are attached to that very thing that you are trying to avoid. It is not you that needs to create from what you wish to avoid. You must create from what it is that you DESIRE. Set that intention!

Focus on it there. No matter what the circumstance you see. If you can imagine that experience that you wish to create, then everything will work to bring that towards you. You will be given steps and ideas of the actions that you must take. Intuitively you will feel what it is that you need do to bring you closer to what it is you want. Many people will also feed you exactly what it is that you want.

So if your story in your mind is of what you are going to achieve, what is possible for you, and all is in the now, the belief of the Truth that, that exists is the power that brings it all to you.

The story that you are telling is usually about your circumstances. Forget that! The drama keeps you there. Let it go today, now. And only focus on what it is you want. Nothing more but that. This does not mean living in la-la land. This means setting intentions to create all that you believe you desire.

Believe more, and that too becomes possible too.

In One, In All, In Love.

Maria xx