Such WISDOM will be carried through, when my body moves to the WILDNESS that I came to BE.
I need to own my WILD. I feel it wanting to possess me and I have shut it down.
But my WILDNESS will set me free. My WILDNESS knows me, it speaks of me. It moves the energy all around me and wants to breathe through me.
But I don’t let it breathe.
I suffocate it to fit in.
Who would I be if that WILDNESS was me?
How would I feel?
The question to this is what is birthing within me.
The contractions are there. Each one of them has been stretching me, but then with one big swallow, they pass.
But they will return.
I want to scream as I write this. A deep loud roar. What will that accomplish?
It is not there to accomplish, it is there to FREE me of the constraints that this world has had me in. The rules that I have lived by that do not feel good to me.
The powers that never really meshed with my Truth.
The power that I bring is Truth. I will stand there in all my thunder and speak the Truth that others won’t.
What’s birthing is a voice within me that feels like a roar.
A roar for all the things that women have suffered here on earth.
I feel it boiling to the surface and I want no more to stand in the earth and do nothing but hear them hurt. My roar will unite us all.
I roar and we will all raise our bodies and become the vessels that others will bring to heal themselves and those around them. You, each one of you have this roar within you too. Let’s belt it out. Let’s hear you roar.
For the universe will allow our roar to be the energy of your Light. That roar will be the peace that you chose to manifest into this world.
The roar will let out the experiences that have kept you feeling raw.
Scream it to the mountains, atop a hill, through the oceans and beyond the horizon of still. Belt it out. Stop the balls that have stopped you before. Reach out and take them in your hand and take no more. it is a battle. it’s real, and it lives within my Soul.
It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.  #wildheartwriters