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I need to own my WILD.

I need to own my WILD.

Such WISDOM will be carried through, when my body moves to the WILDNESS that I came to BE.
I need to own my WILD. I feel it wanting to possess me and I have shut it down.
But my WILDNESS will set me free. My WILDNESS knows me, it speaks of me. It moves the energy all around me and wants to breathe through me.
But I don’t let it breathe.
I suffocate it to fit in.
Who would I be if that WILDNESS was me?
How would I feel?
The question to this is what is birthing within me.
The contractions are there. Each one of them has been stretching me, but then with one big swallow, they pass.
But they will return.
I want to scream as I write this. A deep loud roar. What will that accomplish?
It is not there to accomplish, it is there to FREE me of the constraints that this world has had me in. The rules that I have lived by that do not feel good to me.
The powers that never really meshed with my Truth.
The power that I bring is Truth. I will stand there in all my thunder and speak the Truth that others won’t.
What’s birthing is a voice within me that feels like a roar.
A roar for all the things that women have suffered here on earth.
I feel it boiling to the surface and I want no more to stand in the earth and do nothing but hear them hurt. My roar will unite us all.
I roar and we will all raise our bodies and become the vessels that others will bring to heal themselves and those around them. You, each one of you have this roar within you too. Let’s belt it out. Let’s hear you roar.
For the universe will allow our roar to be the energy of your Light. That roar will be the peace that you chose to manifest into this world.
The roar will let out the experiences that have kept you feeling raw.
Scream it to the mountains, atop a hill, through the oceans and beyond the horizon of still. Belt it out. Stop the balls that have stopped you before. Reach out and take them in your hand and take no more. it is a battle. it’s real, and it lives within my Soul.
It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.  #wildheartwriters


Do You Want To Be A World Changer?

Do You Want To Be A World Changer?

There are several ways that you can be one that changes the world we live in, and you have it within you right now.

Everyone seems to think that for change to occur, it has to be something outside of us that needs to happen. That only someone greater than yourself can really make a huge difference in the world. The people that have made a change, the Oprahs, Mother Theresas and the Martin Luther King Jrs. of our time, they did it because they believed that there was something great that they were here to do.

And what it came down to was a vision of a better world. A greater vision than what they were living and experiencing in their life.

Did they create it all at once? No, they were clear that there was something that they needed to do and share, and all they did was follow guidance and took the very next step.

They constantly moved forward, and each action, cemented their vision.

Each person that they touched, created a change in their being. Each step that they took, created a shift in another. As they shifted each other, consciousness also shifted.

Just like these world changers there are many, many more that are making a difference in the world. They live all around you. They follow their heart, they are clear on their values, and they start by taking small steps. They build momentum, and a shift begins to occur.

The universe does this gorgeous dance with you.

You take a step and the right people, opportunities and creations are brought towards you. The universe will always show you who you are being right now. Believe in yourself, and the universe will reflect it back to you. Play small and that too will be given to you.

It is all up to you. You have an awesome power within you. What are you going to use it for?

I know that you have had that feeling within your heart that there must be something more.

Somewhere inside of you, you know how special you are. There is only one of you here, and you are present at this time and place for a reason. You have a purpose, and it is greater than you believe right now. You came here complete.

You have everything within, and this place that we call Earth, is here for you to self-discover.

It is not here to be wasted on the mundane. It is here to heal, love and express your talents. Your gifts are not just for you, they were given to you to share with others. Your heart is the intelligence that you need to tap into.

We have been told to follow our heads, our minds.

But you are not just the thoughts that you think, you feel what is good or bad. How many times have you been in a situation and your body senses that it is just wrong, or you don’t agree with decisions being made. You can feel it up and down your spine. Every cell knows it. And yet your mind will say, “Oh well, there’s not much that I can do about it,” or, “this is just the way it is.” And we override what we know to be true.

Intelligence is in the heart.

It will tell you what it is you need do next. There are certain things that you are drawn to, things that you absolutely love! And there is a reason for that. And the reason is, that if you follow what has already been placed within your heart, it will connect you to the right people, situations and your dreams

There is something that you are here to be and do. Each one of us has a purpose! Are you doing what you came here to do?

The hints are in these questions:
What is it that you love?
What experiences have you been through?
And what makes you crazy and mad all at once?

Allow your life experiences to show you who you came here to be.

Life has had you in training up until now. So all that you have experienced is perfect for you to now go out and share a very clear message. It is only you that has been in those situations. Only you have the qualities, ideas and potential that are unique to you.

The world is waiting on you!

And your voice matters. What you feel strongly about, is your heart tugging at you to make a difference. You may be one voice, but your voice becomes a roar when you inspire others to share with you.

Hey World Changer: Choose one thing that you feel strongly about, something that you would like changed in the world. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and then leave me a comment down below so we can support you too. Inspire and educate us to create change with you too.

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.

Maria Portas.