POTENTIAL is the very highest point that you can be.

Your Potential is what is already been written within the stars.

It shines down on you every night to remind you of Your Greatness.

Of that vision that You Are.

There are several ways to share your Potential with others.

1st.  Tap into you heart. Here is your place of belonging.

Of knowing that you and others are all one.

That what you have to give is to serve the bigger picture.

It is here to serve a human race that needs your gift.

It’s here for Love, for Freedom and to raise others out of where they are at now.

Your work does that. Yes it does that in the world.

You do that when you tap into that potential.

2nd. Bring everything in alignment with what you are here to Be.

Your Greatest Self serves this world just as you do.

Your greatest self is the possibility that you have come here to Be.

When you create out of that knowing, then your gifts are heard,

they are explained in a way that is energetically heard and felt by so many other individuals.

Your tribes will fly, as the vision is expressed through your Greatest Self.

3rd. Bring it all to a place of Discovery and Reflection.

The meaning you give something is profound.

You are sharing a part of your meaning and discovery with this world.

Only you get to see things the way that you do.

Only you understand something in the way that you do,

and as you begin to share, others too will see and open to knew ways

of seeing, of Loving and caring for all.

Today begin. Today is ALL.

WE Begin with you here and now.

It is Done. In One, In All, In Love. MARIA PORTAS.