It’s always a struggle before we begin. We know it, and yet we avoid all that we came here to Be and Do.

Such visions represent our highest growth in who we are and what we came to represent here on earth.  But we need you to start.

That stirring that you now feel is the very vision growing within you. It stirs and stirs within, and then it hurts if we don’t listen to it. it begins to affect the other areas in our lives because we don’t give in to what we love, and what we are being called to be.

That magnificence is what is needed in this world.

That’s why you’re being called. That’s why you remember that there’s something that you are here to perform. There’s something you do that is so fun. That energises you. That brings forth a Light, an Energy that you cannot SEE, but you FEEL it more.

The effects of that energy represents change in this world. It represents a WOMAN standing in her Power and lifting her life to another level, greater than before. You become a vision for other women and you release the bondage that has kept them stuck and in fear of stepping out.

That fear of being MORE.

Why do we fear that here on earth?

We as women have everything before us. It’s all there. We are CREATORS. We bring Life to this world. What is it that we cannot do?

But, it’s not about doing MORE!

We have come in this time, to BE MORE.

The DOING is of the past! The BEING is who we are becoming.


for ourselves, our children and our world.

It is not enough for us to spend our hours slaving for perfection for what others may think or feel.

It is about being whole, complete and living a life that truly matters to ourselves, and our Souls.

Who do you want to Be?

What are you Being Called to deliver to this world?

And it’s not foreign to you.

It’s what you love!

It’s why you came.

It’s the REASON we are here!

We need your Light, Your Vision and most of all we need YOUR SPARK. That thing that ONLY YOU bring. It is ALL!

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It is Done.

In One, In All, In Love.