All that I know is flowing through me right now.

And there is a vision that is being here brought forward.

How many times have I seen this,

been here, known this,

not taken action on this?

Today is the day I move.

I move forward in my vision.

In my motions I move with My Greatest Version of who I Am right now.

Not a moment before this,

but who I am choosing to become,

right here, right now.

Several pieces of the puzzle may not be clear right now.

But nonetheless, I move forward.

Forever and ever present in this world.

Forever, ever present in this Life.

We are one with All.

One with everything that has been given to this world.

Take this and make it real.

Make it fluid and create from that space,

that wonder of Being more.

My intellectual property is my most precious resource here on earth.

I get to move forward and Create and know that everything has been here in the now.

It is not just a gift,

but an absolute knowing of this world.

You are One with All that has been, is and will ever be.

And You are the leading edge of consciousness in this very being that you came here to Be.

Do not hide. Do not fear.

Do not ever curl up and die.

You ARE the VISION that is needed her in the now.

Send many to My Place.

Send many to My Life to see that there is more here

than you have ever chosen to believe.

You ARE the one that many are waiting on.

You breathe and All Forces breathe with you.

You hold that Power within your hands.

Take it. Run with it. Know it.  See it forth.

It will be done in the here and now.

It is Done.

In One, In All, In Love.