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Women! We Need ‘Your Spark’ And We Need It Now!

Women! We Need ‘Your Spark’ And We Need It Now!


It’s always a struggle before we begin. We know it, and yet we avoid all that we came here to Be and Do.

Such visions represent our highest growth in who we are and what we came to represent here on earth.  But we need you to start.

That stirring that you now feel is the very vision growing within you. It stirs and stirs within, and then it hurts if we don’t listen to it. it begins to affect the other areas in our lives because we don’t give in to what we love, and what we are being called to be.

That magnificence is what is needed in this world.

That’s why you’re being called. That’s why you remember that there’s something that you are here to perform. There’s something you do that is so fun. That energises you. That brings forth a Light, an Energy that you cannot SEE, but you FEEL it more.

The effects of that energy represents change in this world. It represents a WOMAN standing in her Power and lifting her life to another level, greater than before. You become a vision for other women and you release the bondage that has kept them stuck and in fear of stepping out.

That fear of being MORE.

Why do we fear that here on earth?

We as women have everything before us. It’s all there. We are CREATORS. We bring Life to this world. What is it that we cannot do?

But, it’s not about doing MORE!

We have come in this time, to BE MORE.

The DOING is of the past! The BEING is who we are becoming.


for ourselves, our children and our world.

It is not enough for us to spend our hours slaving for perfection for what others may think or feel.

It is about being whole, complete and living a life that truly matters to ourselves, and our Souls.

Who do you want to Be?

What are you Being Called to deliver to this world?

And it’s not foreign to you.

It’s what you love!

It’s why you came.

It’s the REASON we are here!

We need your Light, Your Vision and most of all we need YOUR SPARK. That thing that ONLY YOU bring. It is ALL!

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It is Done.

In One, In All, In Love.


You Are The Leading Edge Of Consciousness

You Are The Leading Edge Of Consciousness

All that I know is flowing through me right now.

And there is a vision that is being here brought forward.

How many times have I seen this,

been here, known this,

not taken action on this?

Today is the day I move.

I move forward in my vision.

In my motions I move with My Greatest Version of who I Am right now.

Not a moment before this,

but who I am choosing to become,

right here, right now.

Several pieces of the puzzle may not be clear right now.

But nonetheless, I move forward.

Forever and ever present in this world.

Forever, ever present in this Life.

We are one with All.

One with everything that has been given to this world.

Take this and make it real.

Make it fluid and create from that space,

that wonder of Being more.

My intellectual property is my most precious resource here on earth.

I get to move forward and Create and know that everything has been here in the now.

It is not just a gift,

but an absolute knowing of this world.

You are One with All that has been, is and will ever be.

And You are the leading edge of consciousness in this very being that you came here to Be.

Do not hide. Do not fear.

Do not ever curl up and die.

You ARE the VISION that is needed her in the now.

Send many to My Place.

Send many to My Life to see that there is more here

than you have ever chosen to believe.

You ARE the one that many are waiting on.

You breathe and All Forces breathe with you.

You hold that Power within your hands.

Take it. Run with it. Know it.  See it forth.

It will be done in the here and now.

It is Done.

In One, In All, In Love.


Hello. A Word That Makes Me Feel.

Hello. A Word That Makes Me Feel.

Sometimes there are words that latch on to me and just make me feel:

hello. the word that begins anew.

hello. the word when you cannot say anymore.

hello. the word that stops you from being exposed.

hello. the word that forever wants to stay 

yet a hello always ends.

a hello is for a moment.

a moment when two or more meet.

hello is the roller coaster that I want to feel

when I see you again.

hello is the moment that I held my breath

to see if you would respond.

hello is what haunts me and

makes me hope for more.

hello. a little word

that seemed to hang it all.

everything that was was in that one hello.


Your Potential Is Written Within The Stars

Your Potential Is Written Within The Stars


POTENTIAL is the very highest point that you can be.

Your Potential is what is already been written within the stars.

It shines down on you every night to remind you of Your Greatness.

Of that vision that You Are.

There are several ways to share your Potential with others.

1st.  Tap into you heart. Here is your place of belonging.

Of knowing that you and others are all one.

That what you have to give is to serve the bigger picture.

It is here to serve a human race that needs your gift.

It’s here for Love, for Freedom and to raise others out of where they are at now.

Your work does that. Yes it does that in the world.

You do that when you tap into that potential.

2nd. Bring everything in alignment with what you are here to Be.

Your Greatest Self serves this world just as you do.

Your greatest self is the possibility that you have come here to Be.

When you create out of that knowing, then your gifts are heard,

they are explained in a way that is energetically heard and felt by so many other individuals.

Your tribes will fly, as the vision is expressed through your Greatest Self.

3rd. Bring it all to a place of Discovery and Reflection.

The meaning you give something is profound.

You are sharing a part of your meaning and discovery with this world.

Only you get to see things the way that you do.

Only you understand something in the way that you do,

and as you begin to share, others too will see and open to knew ways

of seeing, of Loving and caring for all.

Today begin. Today is ALL.

WE Begin with you here and now.

It is Done. In One, In All, In Love. MARIA PORTAS.

Things Don’t Have To Be Forever

Things Don’t Have To Be Forever


There is such an attachment that I have felt to…. who I thought was THE ONE:

from my very first boyfriend…

to my wedded one….

to the one that tore my heart out ….

and to the one that opened my heart to more.

I am now seeing that yes some things are forever.

But some things just come and go.

They are there for a journey, a space in time and then they turn,

some over years and others within a day, but you know it’s gone.

My body still vibrates with the pain of losing something that I adored.

But maybe it was not a loss. Maybe I just gained more.

More than I once had, more than I once adored.

What if it was just the gift that I needed to let me know that I was more?

I sit in this space and wonder out to see if there may be more.

But I sit here on my own, and that has to be more.

Because when you find and know the Love that You Are in another,

then you have been given so much more.

So much Love, so much adoration, and in one fleeting moment,

you will decide, that it was more.

It was desired, and then it had to be let go.

Let it go. There will be space.

Another will be what he was.

YOU are definitely more.

That, my friend IS forever more.